Bowl vibratory feeder

Bowel vibratory feeder

Yumi Enterproses manufactures 9 models of Vibratory Bowl Feeders, i.e. 100, 160, 160 D, 250, 250 D, 250 EV, 400, 400 HD and 630. The Yumi Vibratory Bowl Feeders are having CE Marking, thus conforming to the stringent European Safety Norms for Machinery Safety, Low Voltage Directive as well as the Electro Magnetic Compatibility.

  • Vast experience in handling difficult components –

    Yumi Enterprises bowl toolers are experienced to handle components which are most difficult to orient and require high feeding rate. Yumi Enterprises welcomes components which other vibratory part feeder manufacturers decline.

  • Applications: Yumi Enterprises Vibratory Bowls are suitable for feeding components for subsequent operations on special machines in cosmetic, electrical, mechanical, pharmaceutical, optical, bearing and many other industries. The components can be plastic caps, spouts, capsules and electrical connectors, bearings as well as heavy parts such as anchor bolts, bearing races and metal sockets. Even oily parts! Yumi offers total design, tooling, and manufacturing services for custom Vibratory Feeders.
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Extensive Testing: Durability and performance are guaranteed due to our extensive in-house testing. Yumi provides a complete Test Report along with an Operations Manual and a complete Tool Kit with each Vibratory Feeder.

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Yumi Enterprises has been serving and exporting the Indian Industry by providing low cost Automation Solution using vibratory Bowl Feeders, Linear Feeders, Small Parts Feeders, Etc.