When the requirement arises for very high speed orientation and feeding of parts, then the only alternative is to go for a Rotary or Centrifugal Feeder. These can help achieve speeds of upto 50 meters per minute. Secondly, there being no vibrations and only mechanical items, rotary feeders are more acceptable to a lot of customers who are afraid of the reliability of vibratory bowl feeders in the long run (however, using a vibratory bowl feeder from a reliable supplier like Yumi can reduce this inhibition).

Major Features of Elscint Rotary/ Centrifugal Feeders

  • Unique Double Disc drive design ensuring high speed, proper orientation & no jamming
  • Separate Variable Frequency Drives, ensuring proper speed / feed rate
  • Sturdy design with excellent build quality
  • Optional provision for reversing of discs possible
  • Pharmaceutical grade Rotary Feeders possible
  • Elscinthane PU coating possible (food grade coating also available)
  • Low noise level
  • Clean & easy to maintain
  • Variety of components can be fed in the same Rotary Feeder with simple changeover tooling

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